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Melrose Wakefield Behavioral Health Center | Psychiatry in Wakefield MA – Psychiatrists in Melrose, Reading, Saugus, Stoneham


Treatment for Anxiety, Depression, ADHD and Mood disorders. MWBHC Woburn, MA is now offering therapy services.

Who we are..

Melrose Wakefield Behavioral Health Center has been an established provider for treatment of ADHD, Mood disorders, Major Depression, OCD, Panic Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder for over 17 years in Melrose and Wakefield Area. We are affiliated with Partners health care system.
Our Staff consists of Qualified Psychiatrists and Nurse Practitioners. With extensive clinical experience and training in medication management of psychiatric illness.

800 W Cummings Park Dr., Suite 4700, Woburn MA 01801
Phone: (781)224-0611 | info@mwbhealthcenter.com

What we do..

We work collaboratively with each patient utilizing individualized, evidence-based treatment strategies.
We provide psychiatric care to people in Arlington, Burlington, Melrose, Wakefield, Medford, Malden, Saugus, Reading, and Stoneham.
Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Panic Disorder
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Chronic Insomnia, OCD, Social Phobia and Other Phobias, PTSD, Adjustment Disorders, Grief/Bereavement, Impulse Control Disorders, Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Body Image Issues, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Pre-Plastic Surgery Assessments, Eating Disorders, Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Issues, PMS/Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), Postpartum Depression, Psychosis and Schizophrenia, Occupational or Work-Related Problems, Stress Management, and more
  • Anxiety disorders

    Panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder, OCD
  • ADHD

    ADHD medication Management
  • Schizophrenia

    Schizophrenia and schizo affective disorder
  • Mood disorders

    Depression and bipolar disorder
  • Eating disorders

    Eating disorders including anorexia nervosa
  • Psychiatric disorders

    Alzheimer’s disease and related memory disorders, Autism and Asperger’s syndrome


Chris S. - Waltham, MA
From the first session with Dr. Tissera I knew he was the doctor for me. He was caring, understanding and willing to listen to my medical concerns. It was then I saw he was not just about prescribing medication like some psychiatrists but was genuinely concerned about my wellbeing. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a psychiatrist!
Glen M. - Reading, MA
Dr. Tissera changed my life! With his prompt diagnosis my ADHD has been finally addressed, allowing me to escape from the darkness ADHD threw me and live a normal life. I am 43 years old and I have been able to be successful in my profession. (I am an engineer), at the price of struggling with my health and my private life. Now I know that my ADHD was responsible for my struggle. I have never been aware I had ADHD, and not because I did not show strong symptoms of the disorder. I believe this was due to a mixture of lack of education and misinformation on the subject, both from my side and from people interacted with me. Thanks to my wife who one day, tried to deal with my miserable conditions, booked an appointment with Dr.Tissera, my ADHD condition has been quickly recognized, I have been educated on the subject and received the proper treatment. I have been very impressed by Dr. Tissera, both from a professional and personal point of view. If you ask me: who would you recommend as psychiatrist? No doubt, Dr. Tissera!
Sandra G. - Stoneham, MA
I am impressed with the extensive knowledge of Dr. Tissera's practice and skill at treating my anxiety and depression. MWBHC was able to improve my quality of life in a very short amount of time. MWBHC fully listens to any concerns and responds immediately, always with great knowledge, patience and kindness. Dr. Tissera is the most amazing psychiatrist I have worked with (in a sea of many). His calm and relaxed manner creates ease upon entering his office. His extensive understanding of medications (there uses and side effects) and his ability to think outside the box with treatment and his dedication to helping his patients. I am pleased to say that every staff member working with Dr. Tissera has been efficient, professional, helpful and extremely friendly.

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Contact Us


800 W Cummings Park Dr., Suite 4700, Woburn MA 01801

Phone: (781)224-0611, (781)683-4086, (781)683-4087
Fax: (781)224-1993